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Havells Neemrana plant in Rajasthan
Charged up!
The power equipment major Havells is expecting $ 200 million of exports to Europe in the next five years from its new plant in Neemrana. The plant, which has a manufacturing capacity of 0.12HP to 300HP (extendable to 500HP), is planning to serve the market in Europe and UK. The company is currently in the process of restructuring the global operations to generate efficiencies. It has consolidated entire compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) manufacturing units into a single plant based at Neemrana.

* ½ of the capacity to be exported to to Europe in next five year.
* 200 million dollars exports to Europe are projected in next five years.
* Focus market is Europe & UK.
* Production rates will be increase with the passage of time.
* Life of motors is at least 15 years.
* Sylvania exports – 70% to Europe and also having exports in Latin America.
* Focus is to increase efficiency.
* Havells brands sales are having the capacity to increase by 25% to 30% every year.
* Quality standard is same for both Indian and overseas market.
* Most of the production people are trained in Europe.
* Havells India ltd is registered with “Bachat Lamp Yojana.”
* 10, 000 burning hours are guaranteed in Havells CFL lights. The standard to 10,000 burning hours is going to be mandatory in India from September onwards this year.
* Havells is also involved in recycling process of CFL lights Europe.
* Havells invest 2.5% to 3% on R&D. 36 engineers are working on R&D for lighting
100 engineers are working on switchgear technology

Half of the capacity to be exported to Europe in next five years. Havells brands sales are having the capacity to increase by 25 to 30 per cent every year, added Gupta. The company also announced that it is in the process of consolidating its global CFL manufacturing capacities making the Neemrana plant the hub for all CFL manufacturing. The factory located at RIICO, Neemrana is spread over 48 acres with the motor manufacturing plant of the company having installed capacity to produce around 20000 units per month making it the largest motor manufacturing unit in the country. Havells India Limited has invested close to Rs 150 crore to install this capacity at the Neemrana plant. The size of the motors market in India is around Rs 3500 crore and it finds applications in various sectors such as power, steel, sugar, cement, paper, plastic, etc. Anil Gupta said, “We have built up this capacity in order to have a dominant presence in the motor segment in the country. This will help us optimize costs and help us create a single manufacturing hub and thereby build efficiencies and maximize current production capacities during the economic downturn.”
Anil Gupta, Joint Managing Director, Havells India Ltd



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